Review: Inside is a puzzle game worth the six year wait


Developer: Playdead

Publisher: Playdead

Platforms: Xbox One (reviewed), Windows (not yet released)

Inside is the second game from Limbo developer playdead. At first glance, it only looks like a better looking Limbo, however, after my first ten minutes with Inside it was abundantly clear it’s so much more than that. Inside takes every idea Limbo had about puzzle platforming and refines and expands on it in incredible ways. Limbo was a great game; Inside is damn near perfect.



Just hiding from Wall-E


The opening and premise of Inside are nearly identical to that of Limbo. You play as a faceless young boy, running through the woods in a Cronenberg filled nightmare realm. What the guys at Playdead really got right in setting the atmosphere here is the lighting. Just when you think the dreary gray tones are getting to be too much, that little sprinkle of sunlight through a barn door or a cracked ceiling reminds you that safety may be just around the corner.

One of the strongest points of Inside’s puzzle design is blending the solutions seamlessly into the background. A box you may need to climb onto a ledge won’t obstruct your path while running, but a simple button press will have your character moving it into place. The animations surrounding such actions also blend with little to no effort. It’s because of design choices like this that Inside’s puzzles feel so natural. Every puzzle feels like you’re overcoming a real obstacle, it’s never anything as simple as pushing a log to cross a gap. It’s evident how much this team learned from Limbo.



Nothing to see here


Much like that of its predecessor, Inside isn’t much for linear story telling. It has that sort of, dare I say, artsy appeal.  Inside has a story to tell for sure and a pretty interesting one at that, but it won’t come out and say it directly. You have to draw your own conclusions based off everything going on in this strange world, but I won’t spoil anything here.

The game takes about 4 hours to complete and is more than worth your time. The last half-hour or so alone showed me why this game has been scoring through the roof. You can pick it up on Xbox One for $19.99 now and on Windows starting July seventh. There’s no doubt in my mind Inside is a must play for 2016. As always thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments.

Score: 9 out of 10





Super Mario RPG comes to Wii U virtual console in North America tommorow


As a fan of RPG’s in general Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars holds a special place in my heart. The premise of Mario meeting the gameplay style of games like Final Fantasy is fantastic and also spawned successor series like The Mario and Luigi series as well as Paper Mario.

The often forgotten gem was released for the SNES in May of 1996. Developed by Square under the watchful eye of Miyamoto, it follows Mario as he seeks to take down Smithy, the newly introduced villain has stolen the seven pieces of star road. Mario will have to enlist multiple party members, including Bowser in order to do so.



anyone remember Boshi, most don’t


If you happened to miss out on this game in its prime you can pick it up on the virtual console starting tomorrow for $7.99. As always thanks for reading and let me know what you think in the comments.





Tetris movie set to be trilogy, is still a stupid idea

Larry Kasanoff announced plans back in 2014 to turn Gameboy game Tetris into an “epic sci-fi thriller.” As stupid as that sounds the movie has secured an eighty million dollar budget and will begin filming in China next year, according to deadline.


Kasanoff will be headlining the film along with Bruno Wu, a media giant in China. The film will feature both Chinese and Western actors. The film has a story in place and is rumored to be the first of a trilogy.



This photo involves Tetris, much like a movie, it is dumb


I hope you all like movies about fitting blocks together. If anyone has an argument for why this isn’t the stupidest idea imaginable, feel free to chime in. Tetris was first released in Russia on the Elektronica 60 back in 1984. It gained it’s popularity stateside when it was bundled with the Gameboy in 1989 and is still super addicting.


SEGA wants Sonic to become an “Entertainment icon”, is apparently under the impression it is 1992

There was a time, believe it or not, that Sonic the Hedgehog was as recognizable to a child as Mickey Mouse. That day is not today.


SEGA chief brand officer Ivo Gerscovich recently talked with MCV about the game giant’s plans for the little blue hedgehog. Ivo says the company wants to “go across all platforms and elevate his status even further.”

Sonic has a movie in the works set for 2018, as well as a newly announced game coming next year. Sega will need a huge upswing in quality after the poorly received “Sonic Boom” series. The next game in the series is set to launch for 3DS on September 27th. The game in question Sonic Boom: Fire & Ice, was initially scheduled to launch in 2015 but faced a delay in order to improve quality.



What have you done to Knuckles?!


It would take a significant shift in quality to excite me on a Sonic the Hedgehog game for 2017. Until SEGA shows us what exactly they mean by “improved quality” all we can do is speculate. Let me know what you would like to see from Sonic in the comments and as always thanks for reading.


Review: Mighty No. 9 Falls Flat

Game: Might No. 9

Developers: Comcept, Inti Creates

Publisher: Deep Silver


  • Microsoft Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux
  • PlayStation 3
  • PlayStation 4(reviewed)
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Wii U
  • PlayStation Vita
  • Nintendo 3DS
  • Shield Portable

The new project from Megaman legend Keiji Inafune is no stranger to controversy. It’s been plagued with bad publicity since it’s Kickstarter launch back in 2013. That aside after multiple delays and an ad campaign that was seemingly targeting edgy 90’s kids it’s finally out, so how does it stack up?

You play as Beck, a bright-eyed little blue robot boy. The comparisons to Megaman are plentiful out of the gate; that’s no shock, though. Instead of Dr. Light, we have Dr. White. No Rock and Roll but Beck and Call. The character design isn’t exactly great. This super anime art style wasn’t exactly appealing to me, to begin with, combined with muddy textures and some in level lighting effects that just don’t look right, I can’t help but think this game looks bad even by 2013 standards.


The premise is simple, go from level to level taking down the other eight malfunctioning mighty numbers. You know a Megaman game. It plays like the classic in most respects as well. Eight levels to pick from, each grants Beck a new ability and get’s you one step closer to an inevitable face-off with Dr.Black. Beck even has a dash ability taken directly from Megaman-X. It’s this dash that brings a new element to the gameplay. Once an enemy is weak enough, Beck can dash through them absorbing them and giving himself stat boosts to damage, speed or armor. Some of these points even charge up a health item that works like an E tank from Megaman.

The character design seems particularly uninspired. This is partly because I never felt the need to use an unlocked weapon. I briefly used Mighty No. two’s Cryosphere, beyond that, however, I brute forced my way through the most of the game using Becks primary buster gun. Level design also feels a bit bland. Becks dash ability has no cooldown which makes some otherwise more challenging platforming sections trivial.

The final verdict is simple. Mighty No. 9 is not the worst game in the world. Unfortunately, it’s a game held to the standard of calling itself a successor to Megaman. In many ways, Mighty No. 9 tries just a bit too hard to be that. The blue bomber Beck is not. It has hints of classic Megaman gameplay and for a big fan, it may still be worth your time, maybe just wait for a sale price. Until then, if you want to scratch that old-school Megaman itch try Shovel Knight or the Legacy Collection.

Score: 5 out of 10






Sound the horns, summer sales are here

It begins. Steam Summer sales kick off today. If you hate having money, this is an exciting time. Dubbed the summer picnic sale prices on all sorts of Steam games are dropping today.


Valve seems to be sticking with the rules they set up last year. That means no flash sales or daily deals. Once something drops in price, it stays that way throughout the sale. If you want to get started losing your life savings, head on over to Don’t be surprised when it’s experiencing some heavy traffic, though.


Happy 20th Nintendo 64

It’s June 23rd, 1996, and the Nintendo 64 has just gone on sale in Japan! That’s right 20 years ago today people first got their hands on the weirdest controller I’ve ever held.

The N64 had it’s work cut out for it. The last big console to use cartridges going up against Sony’s Playstation, even still it was released to some fanfare. With titles like Super Mario 64, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time, and Banjo Kazooie, the N64 holds some of my best childhood memories. Why not remember this classic console and maybe take a few pictures for oak in Pokemon Snap today.

We’ll hold off on the big party until the console is old enough to drink. Until then tell me about your favorite memories of the N64 in the comments. Thanks for stopping by.