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EA’s across the street from E3 2016 breakdown

As I type this I’m waiting for EA’s sort of E3 press conference to begin. For those that don’t know, the fine folks at Electronic Arts opted to back out of E3 2016 and instead host a press conference and public demo across the street. The fact of the matter is not all of you have the time to sit down and watch, luckily I do. So I’ve picked out the highlights of the conference for you below.

TitanFall 2:

The show opened with a look at Titan Fall 2. Most of the information surrounding this game leaked early this morning, when EA accidentally went live with their rehearsal for the press conference. Just the same we got an awesome look at some aerial acrobatics with the newly added grappling hook. Story mode was confirmed and features a Titan that sounds oddly like Optimus Prime. Respawn mentioned six new Titan classes, not sure if this includes the three from the original game. If interested you can sign up for the beta today, otherwise stand by for Titanfall on October 28th 2016.

Mass Effect Andromeda:

We also got our first look at some in game footage of the new Mass Effect. It didn’t show much be we did see a figure in N7 armor, a pretty awesome looking ship, the return of the Mako rover from the first Mass Effect, as well as a female character, Possibly our new protagonist? Bioware also promised “more freedom” than we’ve seen in any Bioware game.

EA Originals:

EA announced the launch of a new program to support indie developers called EA originals. The program would help fund smaller indie projects that might otherwise fall through the cracks. The first of which will be a charming looking puzzle platformer called Fe, developed by Swedish studio Zoink, the trailer for which I’ve linked below.

Fifa 17:

Now I’m not someone who knows anything about Soccer but this still looked pretty interesting. “That was amazing” declared EA’s Peter Moore as the trailer faded out, maybe I actually believed him. The Big deal for this Fifa outing is the games first ever story mode, following Alex Hunter.It looks surprisingly compelling. Don’t believe me? check out the trailer for yourself.

Star Wars:

We didn’t get much of anything new as far as EA’a many Star Wars projects go. They did acknowledge that Dice has a follow up to Battlefront in the works for next year, as well as what appears to be our first Screen shot of Visceral’s Star Wars action adventure game from former Uncharted writer Amy Henning.


Battlefield 1:

Last but not least we saw a look at EA’s World War One based Battlefield game. Some changes coming to Battlefield include dynamic weather, control over huge vehicles such as airships, battleships, and armored trains. There isn’t much to say that you can’t take away from the trailer, it’s certainly more battlefield.


The sort of first press conference of E3 is all done. EA started strong with TitanFall 2 but didn’t have too much to show off. Sound off in the comments to let me know what you think and I’ll be here with more coverage all week long.


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