Here’s what you missed at Ubisoft’s E3 2016 press conference

If I’m being perfectly honest a two hour conference seemed like a bit much for Ubisoft this year. Filling two whole hours stage reveals seems like a tall order for any developer. That being said I’ve once again picked out the big highlights and reveals, so check them out below.

Ghost Recon Wildlands:

The show opened with a pretty deep look at this new title in the ghost Recon series. Things are a bit different this time around, set in a fictional version of Bolivia run by a Mexican drug cartel, you and up to three friends can take on objectives to stop the flow of drugs and free this nation from a corrupt government. The gameplay seems pretty interesting, co-op is certainly the draw here for these stealth based missions. Think Metal Gear Solid 5 style missions with four player co-op. You can pick up Wildlands in March of 2017.

South Park the fractured but whole:

South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker came out next to introduce the sequel to South Park the stick of truth, the hit RPG based off the show. The big changes from the original appear to be in theme, rather than high fantasy the boys are now playing superheros, which opens up a long list of new classes and abilities. We also saw a slight change in combat. While the game still appears to be turned based, it also features a battle grid, hopefully the tactics aspect will help keep the game from getting stale.


Eagle Flight VR:

The team behind the VR title gave us a look at a live PVP demo. VR demos are tough to make work, the crew on staged did a good enough job to hold my attention. They played a brief capture the flag mode that made me hopeful for what this game could be.

Star Trek bridge crew:

Ubisoft Redstorm gave us a look at their Star Trek VR game. If it’s ever been your dream to pilot the Enterprise with a group of friends, nows the time to grab a VR headset.

For Honor:

Knights, Samurai, Vikings all fighting over a puddle. That’s the picture the new For Honor trailer painted. Beyond a strange plot line and a stranger trailer, our look at the gameplay mechanics make me excited to see how difficult this combat can get.


Grow Up:

Grow home is getting a sequel. Bud is back and he has some new stuff to show off. Devs showed off bigger looking plants than we’ve seen in the original and Bud has a new glider to help him grow all the way to the moon.

Trials of the blood dragon:

Red Lynx came to the stage to give us a look at the latest Trials game. It isn’t bearing the blood dragon name for no reason it looks wacky as hell, and better yet, it’s out today. Check out the trailer below.

Watch Dogs 2:

We got another look at the sequel to Watch Dogs. While the gameplay looks great, superior to the original in every way. I’m starting to notice this game takes itself far too seriously. It’s representation of hackers and modern culture is that of a bad network tv show. CSI cyber anyone? Hopefully they prove me wrong before the game launches in November. I’d love nothing more than for this game to be great.


Lastly Ubisoft revealed Steep. A winter action sports game that features full access to base jumping, snowboarding, sking and hopefully much more across a massive moutian. It’s exciting to see this as an old SSX fan. Haven’t played a good snow boarding game in years.

That’s all for Ubisoft. Thanks for checking out the article, say hey in the comments and follow me for more E3 updates.


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