Microsoft’s E3 2016 highlights

Day one of E3 2016 is officially here. If you missed Microsoft’s big press event this morning but still wanna know what happened look no further. I’ve rounded it all up in one place for you.


Xbox One Slim:

We’ve all seen the leaks but that didn’t stop Microsoft from opening the show with the reveal of the Xbox One S. The new model is 40% smaller, has a 2 TB internal HDD, no power brick, a brand new blue tooth Xbox One controller,supports 4K resolutions as well as HDR and launches this August. It’s worth noting these new controller models are compatible with the original Xbox One.

Gears of War 4:

The first game out of the gate was Gears 4. The first big reveal was that Gears as well as all first party games from Microsoft will be coming to PC as well as Xbox One cross buy. What does this mean? If you own it on Xbox then you own it on Windows 10, in addition you’ll be able to play multiplayer cross-platform, and save across platforms.We got a quick look at some gameplay and the new enemy to the COG, known as the Swarm. Some light banter between characters was shown as well as a reveal of an elderly Marcus Phoenix. They closed by giving us a glimpse at a Gears of War edition of the Xbox Elite controller.

Forza Horizion 3:

We also got our first look at Forza Horizion 3. Set in Australia, the game introduces off-road vehicles for the first time. The Devs showed off multiple ways to play, controller, as well as racing wheel. The game will feature a co-op campaign with a seamless transition, with one button press you can join a friends race online. The video showed a player being dropped into a game in progress via helicopter, flashy, yet awesome. Forza Horizion 3 launches September 27th on Windows 10 and Xbox One.


A brief look at the gameplay of Recore, the new third person shooter from Microsoft, shows off some fast pace third person shooting, a grappling hook, and some cool looking robots. Check it out below, you can pick it up September 13th.



The release date of Inside, the new game by Limbo developer Play Dead was revealed in the teaser below. In addition Limbo is free on Xbox One today. Inside launches for Xbox One on June 29th.


CD Project Redd came out to confirm the existence of Gwent the card game from the Witcher series as a standalone game and to show the first trailer.

Dead Rising 4:

Another early leak made an appearance in the form of Dead Rising 4. We got a look at a less sleazy looking Frank West returning to Willamette just in time for the holidays. All of the crazy Dead Rising combat was present, including some crazy power suit.Dead Rising 4 launches this holiday.


the Xbox One exclusive from Platinum games got some screen time for a multiplayer gameplay video. While visually stunning, the combat looked clunky and hard to follow. The scale of the Dragon, as well as other monsters was impressive, but I’ll hold my breath until we see more.

Sea of Thieves:

Last year Rare Ware creator of such classics as Banjo Kazooie, teased their new project Sea of Thieves. This massive multiplayer pirate game looks awesome. Our first look at gameplay shows multiple players working together to take down and loot enemy ships. The mere scale of it all is impressive. It looks like you’ll need a full crew to get this much action out of the game once it drops.

Project Scorpio:

Phil Spencer came out to give the final and biggest reveal of the show. The more powerful Xbox One, codenamed Scorpio is real. Not only that we even got some specs. Spencer teased 4K resolution, VR support, 8 CPU cores, as well as a 6 teraflop GPU. The Scorpio was teased for holiday 2017.

That does it for the big talking points for Microsoft’s conference. Say hey in the comments and follow the blog for more E3 and general gaming news.


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