E3 2016 Sony press conference recap

Sony’s press conference just wrapped up and we’ve got quite a few games to talk about. A new God of War, Horizon, and a whole lot of VR. We’ll get into detail below.

God of War:

It looks like the 4th installment in the God of War series is real. It’s unclear if it’s a sequel. Perhaps it’s a re-imagining, either way that trailer has a lot going on. Kratos has a son, also a pretty sweet beard. Hes traded in his sword for an axe and it looks like some of the new combat features are taking some ideas from Dark Souls, I think I even saw a stamina meter. The game looks to be tackling Nordic mythology this time around, we even saw a dragon. At one point an area discovered icon pops into frame, could this God of War be open world? No release date yet, hopefully we won’t be waiting long.

Days Gone:

Sony Bend has given us the first look at their project Days Gone. The conference closed with a live demo, which, while technically impressive, struck me as Dead Rising with no hook. The post apocalyptic game features huge fluidly moving hordes of zombies. The game again is visually stunning but I’m afraid another zombie shooter isn’t enough to hook me at the moment.

Horizon Zero Dawn:

Guerrilla  games title slated for February of 2017 is one of the most impressive games shown at this conference. Not only is the game one of the most beautiful I’ve seen on Ps4 yet, the gameplay looks amazing. We saw a look at a long combat encounter which showed an impressive array of weapons from bows to gas  mines. In addition we got our first look at a looting system and the ability to tame certain creatures.

Detroit become human:

A short trailer for the title revealed an android police officer and some branching paths in the gameplay. You can check it out below.

Resident Evil Bio Hazard VII:

What better way to tease Resident Evil than to give it both its American and Japanese names? Not only does this game look solid, it’s fully playable in VR and out January 24th 2017. Not much was seen but as a a huge RE fan I can’t wait.

Playstation VR:

VR got its own quick block where we were shown again the price point $399 out October 13th. They’ll be 50 games at launch. More than a few games were shown off, Impulse Gear is working on a VR FPS called Farpoint, Criterion showed off the Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing VR mission, and Rock Steady is working on something called Batman Arkham VR. More than likely the Batman title is simply another VR “experience” not a full game.

Crash Bandicoot:

Crash is back! kind of. The Ps4 will be getting remasters of the first two Bandicoot games, also, in some less interesting news, Crash is coming to Skylanders Imaginators only on Ps4.

Death Stranding:

The only thing missing from Hideo Kojima’s entrance was a white horse. Kojima came down to introduce the trailer for Kojima productions first game Death Stranding starring Norman Reedus. This trailer is just plain bizzare. I’ve linked it below so you can see. Whatever Kojima is putting his name on, I’m in 110%.


Last but not least, Insomniac is making a Spider-man game for Ps4. Not much was shown but you can check it all out below.

Sony’s conference is wrapped. A few surprises along the way but all in all a good show. Thanks for reading, please subscribe and let me know what you think in the comments.


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