The New Zelda has a title, looks amazing

This morning Nintendo hosted a Treehouse live event to talk about the New Zelda. We saw some super awesome looking footage; we also got a title. The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild.

The demo opened up with a woman’s voice calling out to Link telling him to open his eyes. The video cuts to shots of vastly open Hyrule. The trailer showed Link doing lots of things that are brand new to the series. Climbing trees, Swapping weapons, cooking, taming wild horses, chopping down trees, even wearing a suit of armor. The strangest part being we’ve yet to see our hero in his usual green tunic.

After the trailer, we saw Nintendo showed off quite a bit more in a live demo. It appears Link will be able to pick up many different weapons on his journey and switch to them as he pleases. Everything from spears, axes, broadswords, and even clubs. These weapons will wear down and break over time, although I think it’s safe to assume the Master sword won’t suffer from this problem. Links clothes also appear as equipment, explaining the shots of him in a suit of armor. In a conversation with an NPC, we see a  dialogue wheel. Link has spoken for the first time technically, no voice acting though.


I can’t wait to see how much more Breath of the Wild Nintendo has to show us before the game releases on Wii U and NX sometime next year. Until then you can follow me here for more updates.



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