Review: Kirby Planet Robobot


Game: Kirby Planet Robobot

Platform: Nintendo 3DS


When it comes to Nintendo properties, Kirby is one of the few I would say hits more often than not. That adorable pink ball has been everything from a pinball to yarn. Planet Robbot is no exception, it’s a pretty phenomenal outing for Kirby on the 3DS, that wastes no time getting you into the action. Planet Robobot certainly shines because it plays it safe. Kirby Planet Robobot is a classic 2D Kirby platformer, it just has mechs now.

The game opens with a big UFO attacking Dream Land. It starts by laying waste to Dedede’s castle, before taking out Meta Knight and his ship the Halberd. After all this Kirby finally wakes up. He doesn’t waste any time either he gets right to work in World 1. The game delivers on expectations. I got everything I want out of a Kirby game, stylish 2D platforming, an overworld, Kirby absorbing enemies to unlock new abilities. Also, most of the enemies are robots now.

KPR_Gigavolt_screenshotmaxresdefault (7)

Kirby’s mech suit can also absorb enemies for new abilities. The mech has tons of different abilities, from razor blade arms to flamethrowers, and even a mode where it turns into a jet. The mech feels very overpowered. However, I don’t actually play Kirby games looking for a challenge. This is a game I beat in roughly two sittings. To be perfectly honest I never felt particularly challenged while outside of the mech either. It’s hard to say what does it exactly, but Kirby’s mech makes you feel stronger.

The games level design makes excellent use of the background and foreground. Special stars allow Kirby to swap between them. I found myself trying to keep track of things I was seeing pass me by so I could utilize them when my perspective switched. Beyond that, some short segments added unique gameplay that manages to shake things up. A later level has Kirby’s mech suit turn into both a car and a jet making for some short bursts of different play.

Screenshot (56).png

If a six-hour platforming campaign seems like it’s not enough to justify the forty dollar price tag, don’t worry there’s more. Two mini-games, Kirby 3D Rumble, and Kirby Team Clash. 3D Rumble is an Isometric game that involves Kirby strategically absorbing and shooting enemies at one another to clear the stage. While fun the perspective shifts had me walking off the edge on more than one occasion. Team Clash involves Kirby and friends taking on specific roles such as healer or warrior, in a boss rush mode. Neither game is terribly deep, but they are pretty entertaining. Upon beating the game, you also unlock Meta-Knightmare mode, a mode in which you play as Meta Knight but have fewer health pickups.

I enjoyed my time playing this latest entry in the Kirby franchise and hope Nintendo keeps it up. I’d kill for an even deeper Kirby platformer on the NX.If you love platformers or Kirby in general, Planet Robobot is more than worth your time.

Score: 8 out of 10


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