Tetris movie set to be trilogy, is still a stupid idea

Larry Kasanoff announced plans back in 2014 to turn Gameboy game Tetris into an “epic sci-fi thriller.” As stupid as that sounds the movie has secured an eighty million dollar budget and will begin filming in China next year, according to deadline.


Kasanoff will be headlining the film along with Bruno Wu, a media giant in China. The film will feature both Chinese and Western actors. The film has a story in place and is rumored to be the first of a trilogy.



This photo involves Tetris, much like a movie, it is dumb


I hope you all like movies about fitting blocks together. If anyone has an argument for why this isn’t the stupidest idea imaginable, feel free to chime in. Tetris was first released in Russia on the Elektronica 60 back in 1984. It gained it’s popularity stateside when it was bundled with the Gameboy in 1989 and is still super addicting.


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