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Top 5: Most Patriotic characters in video games

Well, it’s almost the Fourth of July, the most American holiday there is. Staying in the spirit of it all, I’ve decided to make another one of these godforsaken lists. That’s right this blog is turning into one of those bullshit BuzzFeed things, I never meant for it to come to this but I have to keep busy in between actually reviewing games. So count down with me, if you will, my top five most red white and blue blooded characters in games.

5. B.J. Blacscowiz-Wolfenstein

download (4).jpg

B.J. made his Premier blasting Nazi’s back in 1981 in “Castle Wolfenstein”.  As one of the first and more recognizable protagonists of the FPS genre. He even made a comeback in the far more recent “Wolfenstein: The New Order”. The Nazi-crushing Blacscowiz comes in at number five.



4. Duke Nukem


Duke is the patriot we all wish we could be. You can find him wherever gorgeous woman are being held hostage by alien menace. Duke always flying the red white and blue with a big gun in hand, and a babe on his arm. In Duke Nukem Forever he even announces he’ll be running for president. The cigar-chomping hero clocks in at number four.

3. Bill “Mad Dog” Rizer and Lance “Scorpion” Bean-Contra


In the arcade version of “Contra” released in 1987, Bill and Lance are running and gunning their way through terrorist scum. That is just about the most American thing a man can do. The game was later made available for NES in 88 and had the guys fighting aliens rather than terrorists, however, if Independence day taught me anything it’s that beings from outer space are one of the biggest threats to the American way.

2. Colonel William F. Guile-Street Fighter 


First appearing in Street Fighter II, Guile was actually designed with appealing to an American audience in mind. The U.S. airman is an apparent patriot. Consistently dressed in Military fatigues with an American flag tattoo on each arm, Guile fights for truth justice and the American way. Although Capcom never canonized his first name or military ranking, it’ll always be true in my heart. The colonel gets number two.

1. Liberty Prime-Fallout


Here we are the number one slot, who could possibly get the coveted position you ask? Nonother than Liberty Prime. Prime first appeared in Fallout 3 and later on in Fallout 4 as Liberty Prime Mark II. This forty foot tall feat of American engineering is about as Patriotic as it gets The Brotherhood of Steel got this guy up and running and spouting patriotic phrases as he lobs Nukes like a touchdown pass. The most American robot in games comes in at number one.

Thanks for stopping into read and happy early Fourth! If you feel I’ve left anyone more deserving out be sure to let me know in the comments.



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