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Asemblance is a strange little game about memories and mystery

If you look over in the new Steam releases, you might catch a glimpse of a little game called Asemblance. The game, developed by Nilo Studios is a first person adventure game in the vein of recent titles like Gone Home and Firewatch. Asemblance really comes into it’s own it what it seems to have learned from experiences like PT. This psychological thriller is still being unraveled by Steam users.

The game begins with you in some sort of lab. An AI speaks to you and states that there is an emergency that requires your immediate action. From here we get introduced to the main idea of the game. The player uses a computer console to select memories that you explore in a holodeck-like room within this lab.



Do you remember your home?


Asemblance features very limited interaction with objects. For the most part, you simply walk around and zoom in on objects to trigger a reaction within the environment. Some objects like the computer console itself you can interact with directly, however, this game is a slow paced mystery, don’t expect any action. One playthrough can be done as quickly as forty-five minutes if you don’t really stop to look around. On average I’d mark it at an hour and a half to two hours. As of writing this, I’ve only seen one of the multiple endings.

The real fun of this game is sure to come as the community solves all the mysteries around the story. Who is the player character? Why is he or she in this lab, and most importantly where does the simulation end and reality begin?


If you’re a fan of Twilight Zone-esque thrillers, then you can pick up Asemblance on Steam and PSN for $9.99. I’m not sure how many more hours I can spend hopelessly poking around Asemblance so with any luck the community will find the true ending for me. As always thanks for reading, see you next time.


3 thoughts on “Asemblance is a strange little game about memories and mystery

  1. Wow, I’ve never heard of this game, but it’s up my alley. I enjoy story-heavy adventure games, and I just played Gone Home recently (thanks to PS Plus), so I’d be in the mood for more. Price point seems a little high for 45 minutes though…


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