Pokemon GO is out now in some regions

Nintendo’s first big step into mobile gaming, Pokemon Go, Is playable now, but not everywhere. Resident’s of New Zealand and Austrailia were surprised today to find they could download the title on the Itunes store. Over in the US, you can find it only on the Google play store, for now. However, it doesn’t appear to be compatible with all devices as of yet. Nintendo has given no word on when it will be available in other territories or when the wireless dongle will be available.

As an American iPhone owner, I’ll be spending the next twenty-four hours refreshing the Itunes store until I can begin my Pokemon journey. Hopefully, Nintendo will reach out sometime today to let everyone know when we can expect the game worldwide, until then, sit tight.


No date announced for the games dongle accessories 


I’ll be sure to give you guys my full impression once I’ve had some hands-on time with Pokemon GO. If it launches tonight, you can expect I’ll be driving around looking for different types. Let me know what you’re most excited for from Pokemon GO in the comments and see you next time.



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