Review: Song Of The Deep Is The Metroidvania You’ve Been Craving

Game: Song Of The Deep

Developer: Insomniac

Publisher: Gametrust

Platforms: Playstation 4(reviewed), Xbox One, Windows

Song Of The Deep is kind of a big deal, in that it’s the first game published by Gamestrust, Gamestop’s new publishing arm. It’s due to this fact that most of the buzz surrounding the title has not been on gameplay, but how important it is for the future of Gamestop as a company. Enough about all that, though, let’s get down to the game itself, so is it any good?



Merryn in her diving suit

Song Of The Deep is a Metroidvania game, part of a subgenre of platformer referring to games( typically 2D platformers) with large maps that require a lot of backtracking in order to progress. The term comes from the Metroid and Castlevania series, which are credited as the first games of this genre. These days it’s rare that we get a brand new game like this, so I was super excited to dive in.

Song Of The Deep stars Merryn, the daughter of a sailor, who takes to the deep in a makeshift submarine when her father never returns from a routine voyage. The player travels across a sprawling map of the ocean floor, gathering new abilities Merryn can use both in and out of her submarine. As Merryn and her sub traverse the ocean floor, she begins to discover that many of her father’s tall tales of monsters and mermaids were true.

The sub’s primary weapon is an extendable claw, used both to fight off various sea creatures such as jellyfish and crustaceans, as well as manipulate objects in the environment. With a few upgrades the claw can make short work of most enemies, I found the several torpedos infinitely more useful, however, they aren’t readily available at the games start. Once the player has acquired the diving suit, you will also be able to leave the submarine to maneuver in smaller areas. Merryn can also obtain a diver’s knife to defend herself outside the safety of her sub.



those fish seem nice

Song Of The Deep brings some solid 2D side scrolling, a beautifully crafted world, along with fun and challenging puzzles. It scratches that Metroidvania itch that I haven’t  satiated since Symphony Of The Night. In short, Song Of The Deep is my perfect summer game. It’s relaxing while challenging and combines beautiful artwork and music with a gameplay style I love. Insomniacs first dive into the genre is a fun filled adventure. Pick it up now on Steam, Xbox Live, PSN, or at retail exclusively in Gamestop stores.

Score: 8 out of 10

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