Review: Activision’s Ghostbusters is an unfun mess

Game: Ghostbusters

Developer: FireForge

Publisher: Activision

Platforms: Playstation 4, Xbox One(Reviewed) Windows

Going back ten years or so, every time a big Hollywood blockbuster dropped you could expect a mediocre game to drop right along side it. In recent years, however, the sub-par movie tie-in game has become a dying breed. I’ll bet most people didn’t even know a new Ghostbusters game was launching alongside the new film, and maybe they’re better off for it.


One of the first things you’ll notice about this game is how apparently it attempts to separate itself from the film. It follows four brand new character, two male, and two female. One might assume all of the negative responses to an all female led film are what sparked this decision, but who’s to say. You pick one of these four new Ghostbusters and play in up to four player co-op.

Each of the playable characters has their own unique weapon in addition to the typical proton pack. You have your standard assault rifle, a shotgun like proton gun, dual pistols, and a heavy Gatling gun. Aside from the weapons, each character is more or less the same. Ghostbusters is a basic top down twin stick shooter and not a very good one at that. You bounce around from graveyards to asylums and mansions that all seem to overstay their welcome. The gameplay loses any real entertainment value shortly after the first level. Move your way through the environment shooting ghosts and zombies. Occasionally you’ll have to trap ghosts with bigger health bars.

I managed to sit down and play two levels with a friend in co-op. While another player made it just the least bit more entertaining it hardly swayed my opinion; this is a bad game. Everything from the cheesy one liners in reference to the films, from the art design itself, just feels lackluster and half-ass. The further I got the more I also noticed how the soundtrack bothered me. The original Ghostbusters had a great score, why is this game relying heavily on ambient graveyard noise?



here comes our mediocre cast


I can’t help but feel that Activision sent this game out to die. Everything about this game bothers me if you happened to walk out of a movie theatre thinking the new film didn’t properly let you down then by all means shell out $50 for this. Otherwise maybe find a copy of Ghostbusters: the video game from 2009.

Score: 2 out of 10


8 thoughts on “Review: Activision’s Ghostbusters is an unfun mess

  1. Very informative review! I didn’t realize they made another new Ghostbusters game. Good to know that this is one to avoid… especially for that $50 price tag. Is this movie at least better than the game though, haha?


  2. Jesus, did they really release a twin stick shooter game for fifty? Is the game at least lengthy enough to warrant that price tag or is Activision really just driven mad by money?


      • Haha, that’s hilarious dude. Like a lot of other people I had no idea there was even a Ghostbusters game coming out. What is it that you think really killed the game? I mean, a twin stick shooter sounds like a pretty straightforward formula — what did they screw up?


      • The enemy types seem a bit to generic, nothing ever really shakes up the formula. Probably the biggest nail in the coffin is how much they tried to separate from the new movie. Not a single character from the film is featured. It’s clear at some point Activision decided to just sweep this under the rug, I assume that’s why nobody has heard of it. I don’t think I’ve seen a single add.

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      • Exactly. I you’re going to charge full price for a game, it better have serious content. For instance, it would be insane to charge $50 or $60 for a game like Hyper Light Drifter, because even though its a wonderful game, it just isn’t quite big or long enough to justify that sort of price tag…likewise, it’d be ridiculous for a title like Fallout 4 to go for $15 or $20 at retail.

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