Florida man opens fire on Pokemon Go players

So far the gaming phenomenon that is Pokemon Go has led to, car crashes, muggings, the discovery of multiple dead bodies, and grown men falling into lakes. In the latest headlines, however, we finally have our first Pokemon hunting related shooting.

It was around 1:30 am on Primrose Lane, in Flagler County Florida. A 19-year-old and his 16-year-old friend had pulled to the side of the road to check the app for Pokemon when a man walked out of his home and opened fire on the car. The teens drove off and escaped unharmed.


It was the next morning that one of the boys mothers found multiple bullet holes in the rear tire and fender of the car. They reported the shooting and the investigation is currently ongoing.

In the news report, the local sheriff’s office urged homeowners to call 911 immediately if they suspect their home is being broken into.

So what’s your craziest Pokemon Go story so far? Let me know in the comments and stay safe trainers!



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