If you can’t find Xur this weekend, it’s because he’s in World of Warcraft

Those who play Destiny know Xur as that creepy looking Cthulu dude who hangs out at the Tower on weekends. I assume he’s visiting his dad or something. However, when World of Warcraft’s latest expansion Legion drops later this month, he’ll be hanging out in Dalaran for a bit.


Legion is currently in closed beta. That being the case a number of players have stumbled across a mysterious new vendor in Dalaran by the name of Xur’ios. Xur’ios not only sounds, looks like Xur and has a suspiciously similar name, but he also trades in “curious coins” which, curiously reminds me of Xur’s preferred payment of “strange coins.”

Players noted that Xur’ios can be found in Dalaran, has two types of inventory items for sale. Some are fixed but one each day is random. Most of his items give a little nod to Destiny. Xur’ios sells Motes of light which are a currency in Destiny, Gjallar’s “Horn” a nod to Gjallahorn a very sought after weapon in Destiny. You can check out a full list over on Wowhead.  


Legion launches on August 30th. So you can go find Xur’ios then.


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