Batman hates PC gaming

Yesterday saw the release of Batman: The Telltale series. As a big fan of the Dark Knight I was excited as all hell to dig into episode one and get a review up for you crazy internet people, but alas I’ve hit a bit of a snag. Namely, Batman: The Telltale series can’t run well on PC. “Well” of course meaning at all.



Look at this smug jerk


That’s right guys another Batman game is getting raked over the coals by Steam users. Can you really blame them, though? Way back in June of 2015 Batman Arkham Knight launched on Steam and suffered the same fate, due to its poor performance. While the two games have next to nothing in common besides the caped crusader himself, it’s tough not to be reminded.

Batman: The Telltale series problems lie in the game attempting to use your computers internal graphics chip over an installed graphics card. Players can’t seem to around this, and the problem is extremely prevalent in laptop computers. I attempted to run it on my Alienware 13″ gaming notebook to no avail.



The sexual thrill


The best one can hope for in this situation is that this can be fixed through patching. I, however, don’t feel like waiting on Telltale, that being said I’ll just go play on PS4 and have a review of episode one up in no time at all.


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