After Nearly A Decade Of Work, Pokémon Uranium Is Up For Download

If you’ve never heard of Pokémon Uranium, it’s a fan-made Pokémon game that’s been in development for over nine years. While it certainly isn’t the first fan-made Pokémon game, it is arguably the most ambitious. Uranium adds 150 brand new custom designed monsters, a new type called Nuclear and is set in an all new Tropical region. You can check out the launch trailer below.


The game also features online trading and battling. Which is pretty impressive for a free passion project. Also unlike past fan projects, this isn’t a simple ROM hack. It was built using RPG maker; that means you won’t need any emulation software in order to run it. You can download it here, for now, odds are Nintendo will have this shut down by tomorrow so get it while you can.



new starters anyone



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