Review: Tetris Meets Physics In Tricky Towers

Game: Tricky Towers

Developer: Weird Beard

Publisher: Weird Beard

Platform(s): Playstation 4

Tricky Towers is a competitive multiplayer tower building game from developer Weird Beard. The Concept is simple enough. Up to four players locally or online stack Tetris-like blocks in a race to the finish in the games standard race mode. The catch? Unlike your average game of Tetris, the physics come into play in a big way. The blocks all have weight and just as easily as you can stack them your tower can topple with one wrong move.

Injecting physics into something as familiar as Tetris is a shocking amount of fun. Tricky Towers gives you all the controls players of block stacking games are familiar with, rotate the blocks as they slowly drift down the screen and lock them in place. I’m not sure how many people it took to figure out a nice feeling weight for these bright block. However, they nailed it. Unlike any block stacking games I’ve played previously trick towers also allows you to mash a block left or right with a quick tap of R1 or L1. This can sometimes allow you to slip blocks in under others, which is particularly useful when trying to make a tower more stable.


Puzzle mode


Tricky Towers features three primary competitive modes. Race in which players see who can stack their towers to a set height the fastest. Survival where players only get three strikes at dropping blocks, the last man standing wins. Last is Puzzle mode where everyone begins with an oddly shaped platform and must stack as many blocks as possible under a certain height. The game also features some single player challenges, but this four player mode is really where it shines.

In these competitive modes, players also get the use of light and dark magic. Light magic spells are typically beneficial to the caster, for example, it might entangle some of your blocks in vines adding stability. Black magic spells, however, are more offensive and meant to hinder other players. A black magic spell might increase the size of the other player’s next block, or turn it into ice.


Not exactly stable


Tricky Towers puts an interesting spin on the block stacking games that started with Tetris. If you’re looking for a fun competitive couch game, you can pick up Tricky Towers on PSN right now for $14.99. If you’re a PS Plus member, you can get it for free throughout the month of August.

Score: 7 out of 10

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