Konami, A Company That Makes Japanese Gambling Machines, Announces Metal Gear Survive

IGN first broke this morning that Konami, a company many had thought was done developing video games, has announced a four-player stealth co-op game set in the Metal Gear universe. The game will release on Ps4, Xbox One, and PC in 2017.



Never let go Jack!


This game looks to be Konami’s attempt at cashing in on the ever popular survival game genre. Konami European President, Tomotada Tashiro stated that “Metal Gear Survive will offer a fresh take on the series’ stealth element, but within a unique co-op setting that is designed for a truly engrossing multiplayer experience.”

The game is set after the events of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeros. It follows the surviving members of Militaires Sans Frontières who have traveled through wormholes into an alternate universe. It’s in that Universe that they will battle strange looking zombies and possibly even a metal gear.

It’s hard to say how excited anyone can be for the first game in the series without famed creator Hideo Kojima. I suppose we will have to wait in see if the game delivers in 2017. Until then check out the Gamescom trailer below and as always thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “Konami, A Company That Makes Japanese Gambling Machines, Announces Metal Gear Survive

  1. What I really like about this blog, Rich, is that you supply updates on upcoming games that I wouldn’t have noticed otherwise. I’m a big fan of the Metal Gear franchise, and I hope this game is basically Phantom Pain with Coop…without Hideo involved, though, I doubt it will live up to expectations.

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