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Top Five: AI Characters In Games

Well, here we are again. What started as a time killer has become something I somehow enjoy. That’s right were putting together another one of these godforsaken lists. Movies like Terminator have taught us all that inevitably humans desire to make highly powerful artificial intelligence will ultimately result in our destruction. From heroic robots like the Blue Bomber to more malevolent machines like System Shock’s Shodan, robots have a huge presence in video games. So, without further ado, let’s get into my top five AI characters in games.

5.Cortana(Halo Series)maxresdefault1

Who could forget Cortana? Our AI companion plugged into the Master Chief’s head at the start of Halo Combat Evolved and has been with us ever since. A character who often goes under appreciated let’s face it Chief’s stubborn soldier of fortune attitude doesn’t go very far on its own. Let’s try and remember that Cortana was so popular that she became Microsoft’s answer to Siri, and try to forget all the creepy flirtation between her and Chief in Halo 4. Cortana is number five.

4.Robo(Chrono Trigger)Robo

Robo holds a special place for me as a big JRPG fan. Robo laid dormant after the apocalypse in AD 1999; he was repaired by Lucca in AD 2300. After this he joins Lucca, Chrono and the rest of the party. Although Robo is incapable of using magic, he can mimic some magical abilities using his tech. Through several side quests, Robo can discover his past which makes for some of the best storytelling in Chrono Trigger, as well as JRPG’s in general. Robo is number four.





3.D0g(Half-Life series)Dog_Alyx_BME

Ah sweet D0g, he really is mans best freind. D0g is the massive robot owned by Alyx Vance in the Half-Life series. D0g’s character is brillant in combining a hulking mech with the love and loyalty of a canine. Although his time with the protagonist is short you find yourself thinking of him hours later. Back in 2008 D0g was recieved as one of the best robot and sidekick character in video games. For that he gets number three.

2.Mega ManPrint

That’s right, it’s the Blue Bomber himself. Originally created to be a lab assistant for Dr. Light, the robot known as Rock should’ve had a peaceful existense. Unfortunatly Dr. Light’s lab assitant Dr. Wily programmed all of lights other robots for evil so Mega Man was turned into a combat unit. The rest is history, that power stealing little blue bot is number two.

1.GLaDOS (Portal) 1maxresdefault2

GlaDOS or Genetic Lifeform and Disk Operating System is the main antagonist of Portal. When Portal begins GLaDOS is the only voice in the darkness, the only one to trust. Your relationship gets a little shaky when the AI villian leads you into live turret fire but it’s probably the hole trying to burn you alive thing that makes Chell rethink things. I don’t even need to put any quotes here because everyone knows that it’s the writing behind GLaDOS that puts that evil AI in at number one.

Honorable mention: Wheatly (Portal 2)

With only five spots I couldn’t justify ranking multiple characters from the same series, however, Wheatly deserves an honorable mention at the very least. The team behind Portal showed their talent for writing yet again with the little British AI orb. Wheatly is so profoundly dumb that once he has access to all of GLaDOS power over the Apreture Science facility he immediatly goes mad with power. Wheatly’s tale is a tragic one though. We see in his final scene, floating in space not only was he a true villian but he relizes that and even feels bad about it. Wheatly may not have trumped GLaDOS but he’s still a memorable AI.

Thanks, as always for dropping by to read. Follow me, I’ll have more news, reviews, and even the occasional top five!






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