Review: Grow Up

Game: Grow Up

Developer: Ubisoft Reflections

Publisher: Ubisoft

Platform(s): Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4( reviewed)

B.U.D is back! Everyone’s favorite literal robot returns in Grow Up. In the sequel to last years Grow Home our little robot pal has a brand new mission. Recover the missing parts of M.O.M, the ship from the previous game after it crashes into the moon and has it’s parts scattered across the planet. growup_screenshot_03_251655

Grow Up keeps and expands upon the gameplay mechanics of its predecessor Grow Home. B.U.D still has the ability to grow and control the stalks of star plants across the planet’s surface, however, they are now only one of multiple ways to reach new heights and find the missing parts of M.O.M. In addition, he can now scan and replicate plant life to aid him on his mission. Throughout the game, B.U.D will encounter many types of flora forms. B.U.D can scan these floras and then reproduce seeds for them whenever he pleases. Each plant has its own unique ability, while some might be simple stalks B.U.D can climb like anything in Grow Up’s environment, others will catapult him across long distances or launch him high into the air.

Beyond flora, forms to grow, you can also find pods containing new abilities for B.U.D hidden all over the planet. Multiple new abilities like jet packs and gliders can make climbing mountains and plants a breeze. You can upgrades these abilities by finding crystals hidden throughout the world. Aside from the primary objectives Grow Up also features checkpoint based time trials that unlock skins for B.U.D. These skins or “B.U.D suits” give new buffs or abilities to the little guy. For example, the aviator suit increases B.U.D’s gliding speed while the bee suit attracts nearby bugs.


B.U.D’s aviator suit


Grow Up is a well paced charming sequel. The whole experience can be finished in about four to six hours. I helped B.U.D rebuild M.O.M in two sittings earlier this week, and I still intend to go back and comb over for every crystal. It improves on the fun climbing mechanics of the first game with new abilities that don’t make the game feel too complicated. In a release window with massive games like No Man’s Sky, it’s nice just to unwind with the relaxing gameplay of Grow Up.You can pick up Grow Up on PSN, Xbox Live, and multiple PC launchers now for $9.99. With any luck, we’ll see B.U.D for a third go around sometime next year.

Score: 8 out of 10

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