Mario Maker is Coming to the 3DS in December

Amongst all of the news coming out of today’s Nintendo Direct, this has me the most excited. Mario Maker, released last year for the Wii U will be making its way over to the 3DS.

The game will launch on December 2nd, 2016 with limited functionality from its home console release. Mario Maker 3DS comes with over 100 prebuilt courses and the ability to play most courses designed for the Wii U; the 3DS version will not allow players to search by course ID. mario_maker_wii_u

All sharing and uploading of designed course will only be available through street pass and local sharing, Unlike the home console version. All of the Wii U design tools with the exception of the mystery mushroom will be included.

I’m super excited to dive into my favorite game of 2015 again. Mario Maker on the go could be my surprise love of 2016 but we’ll have to wait and see. Until then check out the trailer below.


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