Ark: Scorched Earth is Paid DLC in Early Access Games Acceptable

Ark: Survival evolved is still sitting in Steam early access after some time. Despite this, it just recently launched its first paid DLC pack, Scorched Earth. Few can deny that Ark is certainly well put together and filled to the brim with content for an “unfinished” game. That being said, is it fair for a developer to add paid content before officially launching their game?

The new pack, called Scorched Earth drops players out of Arks standard island setting in favor of a large desert filled with intricate cave systems and tall mountains. Naturally, water is a more challenging resource to come by, so dehydration is a huge issue. Players will have 50 plus new items to craft and new animals to tame. I think I even spotted a dragon in the trailer you can check out below.

Scorched Earth uses a new feature called the Gateway. This will allow players who can survive the horrid desert to travel back and forth between the Scorched Earth map and Arks standard map, bringing with them any new tools and animals they collect.

I for one don’t feel great about shelling out another $19.99 for a game that has yet to see a final release. Ark does have a huge following so as they say vote with your wallet. What do you guys think? Is paid DLC for early access games appropriate? Keep the discussion going in the comments and until next time thanks for dropping by.


2 thoughts on “Ark: Scorched Earth is Paid DLC in Early Access Games Acceptable

  1. I think it’s pretty unethical to release what is essentially an expansion pack for an “unfinished” game. It became obvious that they are using the “Early Access” label as a way to cull expectations for the bugs and shortcomings of their game the moment they started selling DLC. I hate these kinds of practices in modern gaming, and it’s sad that people buy into it. I guess ARK must be one hell of a game for their fans to put up with it.


    • I sent a bit of time with ARK when it first came out. It’s a fun game that played well even with the bugs and short comings, however, if you wanna charge $20 for an expansion it’s time to take off the early access label

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