Neo No More: Sony Announces the PS4 Pro

Sony just wrapped up their big September press conference from New York billed as the Playstation meeting. It had plenty of announcements the biggest of which being that we finally know what the mysterious Neo is.

That’s right the Neo has a name, the PS4 Pro will support HDR as well as 4k, so it looks to be in line with all of those leaked specs from earlier this year. Also, all PS4 consoles will support HDR via an update live next week. The Pro will launch on November 10th 2016 at a price point of $399. We got a look at multiple games running on the console. We saw Infinite Warfare, Horizon, Days Gone, Final Fantasy XV, and even a brief look at Mass Effect Andromeda. All of these titles look amazing in 4K and HDR, but it might not be worth the upgrade unless you have the 4K tv to show it off.


Slim and The Pro side by side


If you’re not looking to break the bank, however, Sony also officially announced the PS4 Slim model that we’ve all already seen. The new model is more energy efficient, obviously smaller and will be available next Thursday, September 15th for $299. The slim will be the standard PS4 going forward with the Pro marked as the “High End” version.

So, are you willing to spend another $399 on a new PS4, or will you stick with the standard model for now? If you’ve yet to jump on the next gen wagon now seems like a very good time. Let me know what you think in the comments and thanks for reading.


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