Twitch Announces Twitch Prime for Amazon Prime Members

The Keynote, which kicked off Twitch Con 2016 this morning has more than a few announcements. The biggest of which was “Twitch Prime” a new premium Twitch service made in partnership with Amazon who acquired Twitch back in 2016. All Amazon Prime members are given access adding to the slew of benefits for Amazon Prime users including a video streaming service, two-day shipping, and a 20% discount on new games.

The perks of Twitch Prime include a free monthly channel subscription, as well as some free in-game DLC. If you have an existing Amazon Prime account, you can link it with your Twitch account now here.twitch-pax-east-2013-booth

Twitch Prime launched today alongside the Keynote, and members are eligible for a new Hearthstone character the Night Elf Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind as well as a new card back. You can also unlock a new weapon skin in Paladins, a Ymir skin for Smite, and download Streamline for free. These bonuses will be available until November 6th. Twitch also promises new bonuses will be frequent.


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