Ubisoft Club members can pick up Beyond Good and Evil for free on PC starting today. It’s all part of Ubisoft’s monthly giveaways that began in July and will continue for the remainder of 2016. For the month of October getting a copy of Beyond Good and Evil is as easy as signing into Uplay.

Ubisoft clearly timed this giveaway around the recent announcement that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is in the earliest stages of pre-production. Although the game was announced in 2008, nearly a decade ago, Ubisoft has kept mostly silent about it up until now. Ubisoft only made a statement after a week of teases by director Mike Ancel. Even with this announcement, I wouldn’t expect a solid release date anytime soon, however, maybe a replay of the original can calm the masses down for a bit.



One of the teaser images posted by Ancel


So if you’re feeling a bit nostalgic or interested in starting a series, you may have missed out on 13 years ago, just log in or sign up for Uplay to grab your free copy.

Are you excited about Beyond Good and Evil 2?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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