Hi-Rez Is Making A Smite Tactics Game

Hey, remember Smite, the MOBA from the studio behind Paladins? I do, if only because it was the game that really made me want to like MOBA’s. For those unfamiliar with the term a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, traditionally refers to top-down team-based arena games like League of Legends. Smite was different though it was third-person for one and it also had a theme I genuinely liked, Battle Ground of the Gods. Try as I might, in the end, Smite only confirmed that MOBA’s were simply not my kind of game. However, it seems Hi-Rez is taking the characters and lore of Smite into a genre that is very much in my wheelhouse, a tactics game.smite_604x423

Smite Tactic will be a turn based strategy game using characters from mythology like Thor and Zeus. Smite Tactics seems to be taking a page from Hearthstone in that many of the character abilities seem to stem from cards in the player’s hand. Hopefully, the game will bring some ideas in from other great tactics games like Tactics Ogre and Fire Emblem.

Smite Tactics has no release date as of yet but it’s currently in full development, and you can register to play in the beta here. With any luck, we’ll know a whole lot more before the year is out. Until then Check out the Trailer Below.


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