Was Hello Games Hacked?

This morning a series of likely fake Tweets were sent from a Hello Games Twitter account. The initial tweet only said, “No Man’s Sky was a mistake.”mwqnaobeunbw8xttasak

Not only is this not something a game developer would tweet out about their own game, but it’s also interesting because Hello Games has been mostly silent on all of the issues surrounding their would be groundbreaking exploration game.maxresdefault3

Adding to the confusion, large news outlets Kotaku and Polygon were given very diffrent information. While Kotaku received emails from a supposed Hello Games employee stating it was indeed a hack, Polygon was informed by someone claiming to be No Man’s Sky developer Sean Murray that he himself posted the tweet and it was deleted by a disgruntled employee.

Since this morning the account has tweeted out saying that the hacking is over and things are “100% ok” it remains to be seen if this is the case. ivjfkgozlsftsbhjhy7n

For those unfamiliar with No Man’s Sky, it released back in August after multiple delays. Fans were incredibly displeased as many of the key features shown off in the game didn’t make it to the final release, including multiplayer aspects.

For now, we have no real way of knowing what was, and possibly still is going with Hello Game’s Twitter account. Hopefully, Sean Murray himself will break his silence and clear things up.




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