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Top 5: Haunted Places in Video Games

It feels like forever since I last threw one of these lists together. Well, with it being Halloween and all I figured no time like the present. This list started as the top 5 haunted mansions, but that’s thinking too small, so I’ll just go for haunted in general. So let’s get Spooky with the top 5 haunted places in gaming.

5. Luigi’s Mansionluigis_mansion_location

While it may not be particularly “scary,” the house inherited by Mario’s dimwitted brother in one of my favorite Gamecube titles is absolutely haunted. The titular mansion is great for a few reasons, it’s full ghosts looking to scare the pants off an unsuspecting Toad, It’s where Mario is being held captive for a nice change of pace, oh and it finally gave Luigi a chance at the spotlight. Let’s face it we all know he’s the superior character. Luigi’s Mansion is number 5.

4. Blackwood Pines ( Until Dawn)maxresdefault4

Good old Blackwood Pines has everything you want in a Horror setting, fresh mountain air, deranged psychopath, it’s abandoned sanatorium adjacent, and it also might be on some kind of ancient Indian burial ground. Couple that with the mysterious death of years past and the group of horny teenagers staying there and you’ve got the makings of an 80’s slasher classic. Maybe I’m a little biased as I am currently doing an endurance run of the game. Either way, Blackwood Pines is number 4.

3. The USG Ishimura (Dead Space)usg_ishimura_full_profile

2008’s Dead Space spun the horror setting on its head, by setting it not in a creepy old mansion but aboard a “Planet Cracker” class space vessel, The USG Ishimura, aptly dubbed a planet cracker because, well, it cracks planets. The ship, however, became host to an alien artifact called  “The Marker” which spread a horrible alien virus throughout the ships crew turning most of them into vicious Necromorphs. So things were left to our space engineer protagonist Isacc to sever some limbs and fight for survival. The Ishimura is number 3.

2. Castle Dracula (Castlevania Series)


While not so much a horror game the Castlevania games do play host to one of the most haunted settings in movies and games alike, Castle Dracula. Over the years Drac’s castle has played host to many a Bellmont as well as his own son Alucard. In that time everyone’s favorite vampire lord has had plenty of practice at the placement of mermen, skeleton soldiers, and hidden wall meat. For all his hard work, Castle Dracula is number 2.

1. The Spencer Mansion (Resident Evil)maxresdefault5

Ah, the Spencer Mansion. When horror gaming classics come to mind, I always think Resident Evil, and no setting in the series is more memorable than the home of Oswell E. Spencer. When S.T.A.R.S. agents arrived at the mansion, during the t-virus outbreak in Resident Evil, it was already filled with zombies and monsters. On top of the zombies it had one crazy floor plan, and the locking mechanisms of a deranged lunatic, how many god damn cranks do you want me to carry around!? The Mansion of one Oswell E. Spencer is number 1.

Thanks for hanging around for the list, follow me to keep up with news, reviews, and more nonsense like this. Happy Halloween!




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