Review: Batman The Telltale Series Episode Three New World Order

Game: Batman The Telltale Series: Episode Three New World Order

Developer: Telltale

Publisher: Telltale

Platform(s): Windows, Ps4(reviewed), Xbox One

Release Date: October 25th, 2016

MSRP: $4.99

Batman, the Telltale series released its third episode back in the tail end of October, and I’ve finally gotten around to it. All things considered, I like this series a great deal, especially considering it’s in a genre I usually steer clear of. Episode three, however, feel’s like a bit of a slog. It’s not quite as short as episode two, but a tad uneventful, like a DC tv show anything worthwhile, seems to happen in the last five minutes. Where we get the reveal of the new big bad adding Penguin, and it is a doozy.


Hey Harve


The game picks up about where episode two left us, Bruce and Selina are on their way to visit Harvey in the hospital after his uhhh..accident, if you chose to save Selina that is, I assume it’s a simple role reversal in the other instance. A whole lot of plain simple plot is dulled out over the course of about an hour and a half, simple conversation choices which start to feel rather tired after about 30 minutes and the few quick time action sequences aren’t enough to make up for it. Sure we get a whole lot of development in Cobblepot’s character as well as that of Harvey Dent’s transformation into TwoFace, but I haven’t really felt completely enveloped in this plot since episode one.

One of my major concerns of episode two that the Penguin wouldn’t prove to be all that menacing seems a bit relieved here. We see a bit more of Oz being a pest for Bruce without wearing his Penguin mask. Oz is using his political ties more than a gun in episode three to continue to make life hell for Bruce Wayne, but I won’t get into spoilers here.


I’m sure she’ll be fine


I would also be amiss if I didn’t mention that god awful sex scene. A possible romanticly charged scene can play out in which Bruce and Selina can make the nasty. What’s more cringeworthy than a poorly written all around strange video game sex scene you ask? One where they force the player to pull the trigger on the advances. These scenes play off as strange, why would you force me to do this Telltale?

On the technical side Batman, the Telltale series continues to strangely drop frames almost out of nowhere and actually crashed on me towards the end of this episode. I first attempted to review this game on Steam but returned my copy once it proved a technical mess at launch. Up until this episode with the exception of a few frame drops every now and again the PlayStation 4 version seemed more than serviceable.

So I’d have to mark this up as Batman the Telltale series worst chapter yet, it’s not bad by any stress, but the upheaval in technical problems combined with the story’s inability to suck me back in I can’t upsell chapter three with a good conscience. I’m in it for the long haul, though, I mean it has to get better right? At least that last reveal has me pumped for episode four.

Score: 6 out of 10




2 thoughts on “Review: Batman The Telltale Series Episode Three New World Order

  1. I liked the reveal, and it was enough for me to appreciate this episode. Having played the 4th episode, I can actually say that I liked this one better. Hopefully, it ends on the high note that a Batman game deserves.

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