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Top 5: Marvel Characters We Want In Marvel Vs. Capcom 4

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now. It would seem Marvel Vs. Capcom 4 is real and may be announced as early as this weekend’s PSX event. What you may not have heard is that Marvel wants all X-men and Marvel characters that fall under Fox’s movie rights umbrella out to make way for characters in Marvel’s cinematic universe.

Characters like Rocket Racoon and Dr.Strange will know doubt make a return, but you can kiss Wolverine, Magneto, and Dr. Doom goodbye. For this top 5 we’ll take a look at characters that could take the place of Marvel’s Mutants.

It’s worth noting I won’t be listing any characters that have been in previous MVC games, let’s just assume they’re a given.

5. Star-Lord 


Chris Pratt’s portrayal of Peter Quill aka Star-Lord, the charismatic leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy seems like a no brainer. Slapping Pratt’s likeness onto something is a selling point in of itself and Star-Lord’s dual energy pistol wielding could feel similar to Deadpool’s play since he’s more than likely getting the ax.

4.Black Panther


Black Panther made his cinematic debut in Captain America Civil War and Chadwick Boseman is set to reprise the role in a 2018 solo film. It only makes sense to familiarize the public with the character a bit more, and his feral claw attacks would make a great replacement for Wolverine.

3. Black Bolt


For comic book fans, Black Bolt is a familiar name. He’s part of the Inhuman royal family possesses enhanced strength and agility as well as a unique sonic scream ability. More important, however, than his combat prowess is the reasons for Marvel to get the character out in the public eye. They’ve recently announced an Inhumans Tv show, as well as a movie somewhere down the line, and no Inhuman is more noteworthy than Black Bolt.

2. Vision


For those not up on your Marvel films, Vision was introduced in Avengers Age of Ultron. The Android is powered by the mind gem one of the infinity stones used to power Thanos Infinity Gauntlet, and if that was confusing to you, then I guess you don’t read a whole lot of comics. Vision’s move set could easily be forged into a replacement for Magneto who’s a fan favorite.

1.Miles Morales (Spider-man)


So this last one may be a bit of a stretch, and I know Spider-man has already appeared in Marvel Vs. Capcom but I have Miles in mind as a whole diffrent character.I’m not just looking for a skin of Mile’s Spider-man suit. He should play like a faster younger Spidey, with a higher skill ceiling than Peter Parker for veteran players, and sure, that would prevent someone like me who sucks at fighting games from playing, but I’m looking out for you guys.




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