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Top 5: Bromances In Video Games

As I draw towards the end of Final Fantasy XV and get myself into review mode, something came to mind. The thing that makes this game amazing is the story of four bros out to conquer the world. Sure, our villain’s motivations may be unclear, and I’m not really sure what Reevus is doing here at all, but Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus are what make the game work. So I’ve taken it upon myself to compile my list of the top five bromances in video games.

5. Marcus and Dom (Gears of War Series)4765591-vecnwd4olhhcpln7hikl

Although Marcus may not have his best pal Dom around any more int Gears of War 4, the original trilogy starts with Dom getting his bro out of an old prison cell. Sure, it may be to go fight the Locust Horde, but it’s still a nice gesture. Over the course of three games the Gears series paints a picture of a powerful friendship between Marcus and Dom and even beyond their bond, Gears is a game about bros in general. I’m sure you’ve all got fond memories of chainsawing Locust grubs as Marcus, Dom, Cole, and Baird with your pals, for that Marcus and Dom get number 5.

4.Drake and Sully (Uncharted Series)maxresdefault1

At the start of Uncharted the relationship between everyone’s favorite loveable douchebag Nate Drake and cigar-chomping pilot Victor Sullivan may seem like more of a mentor-mentee scenario, and in many ways it is. However, over the course of 4 games, I think it becomes evident through the many quips and dangerous scenarios Drake pulls Sully back into over the years, that deep down they’re just two bros having a great time exploring ancient ruins, as bros due. Drake and Sully are number 4.

3. Ratchet and Clankratchetclank

Ratchet was just a Lombax dreaming of being a real hero when a tiny little robot defect crashed into his life and became his best bro. With Clank by his side, Ratchet fulfilled his dream of becoming a galactic ranger defeated the evil Dr. Nefarious time and time again and even discovered more of his kind. Not to mention that excellent reboot and not so great film. Ratchet and his metallic bro Clank are number 3.

2. Jak and Daxter2274211-jakdaxter04_35706_screen

Before Naughty Dog created Drake and Sully the Dev’s created an even more memorable gaming bromance with Jak and Daxter. Daxter is the goofy loudmouth sidekick of our mute hero Jak and even being turned into an ocelot couldn’t stop him from helping Jak learn about the precursors and eventually make his way to the bleak future of Jak II. While Jak can’t exactly quip back in the first game until he gets over that whole mute thing. Daxter does a good enough job of talking for the both of them all while having his bros back. Naughty Dog’s original bromance is number 2.


1.Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolusffxv-pax-shot-1

Number one won’t come as much of a surprise, you knew where this was going. It was Final Fantasy XV that got me thinking of gaming Bromance in the first place. Noctis and his pals through their journey across Insomnia go through more than just the fun road trip aspects of a brocation. They tell a story that ends up being more about the friendship they all share, maybe that’s because the games main story is a confusing mess, but just the same, Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, and Gladiolus are my number 1 bromance in video games.


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