Review: Batman The Telltale Series Episode 4 Guardian of Gotham

Game: Batman The Telltale Series: Episode 4 Guardian of Gotham

Developer: Telltale

Publisher: Telltale

Platform(s): Windows, Ps4(reviewed), Xbox One

Release Date: November 22nd, 2016

MSRP: $4.99

Where Batman the Telltale series episode three left off we had a whole lot shake-ups setting episode four’s start in a weird place. For one, we now know the identity of our Lady Arkham( as we hit this episode it gets hard to avoid spoilers, you’ve been warned). Oswald Cobblepot is in control of Wayne Enterprises, and Bruce Wayne is in Arkham Asylum. Though episode four does little to stand out from the rest of this series it sets up for what’s sure to be a grand finale and crams some fan service down our throats.batman_telltale_episode_4

The episode begins with Bruce waking up in a cell in Arkham and surprises surprise the other residents aren’t exactly thrilled to have the son of Thomas Wayne in their midst. So, naturally, they try and put the beat down on old Bruce when he’s saved at the last minute by none other than the Joker. While he’s only referred to as John Doe in this universe and it’s made apparent that Bruce or Batman have never dealt with him before. Now I like the Joker as much as the next guy, but I couldn’t help but feel that his presence here is beyond unnecessary. I can’t see him coming back in the final chapter, and almost any character could have assisted Bruce in getting out of the Asylum.

Perhaps it’s no more than a backdoor set up for season two, I honestly pray that Joker doesn’t make an appearance in episode 5, let Two-Face and Lady Arkham have their day.


Beyond a casual appearance from the Clown Prince of Crime, Episode 4 doesn’t really stand out. It resolves the conflict with Dent and depending on your choices sees his full-on transformation into Two-Face. It also, with the exception of Gordon paints the corrupt GCPD as the enemy. Dent’s heavy militarized Police prove to be Bruce Waynes largest threat throughout the episode.


The return of my favorite gameplay element, crime scene analysis makes its return with a pretty brutal double homicide. I won’t spoil the victim’s identity’s, but Lady Arkham is pretty brutal you guys.

The episode comes to a head with a choice to stop Cobblepot or Dent, I chose the latter in either scenario you’re left with only two messes to resolve in the final chapter. Despite the fact that it has a slow pacing, it serves as the setup for what is hopefully an over the top finale. On its own merits, alone Guardian of Gotham is far from exceptional.

Score: 7 out of 10




2 thoughts on “Review: Batman The Telltale Series Episode 4 Guardian of Gotham

  1. This was an interesting episode to follow the reveal from the third episode. I was surprised they let us choose between the two villains leading to two different ending encounters basically, along with a different setup to the final chapter. Speaking of which, it’s already out!


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