Review(In Progress):Pit People

Game: Pit People

Developer: The Behemoth

Publisher: The Behemoth

Platform(s): PC(reviewed), Xbox One

Release Date: January 13th, 2017 (Early Access)

MSRP: $14.99

This past Friday, the latest title from beloved Indie developer, The Behemoth entered early access. Now why this is far from a final look at the game and won’t be assigning a score, I thought it would be worth discussing my early thoughts on the game.

Pit People is a strategy game that adopts The Behemoth’s trademark art style reminiscent of their days over on New Grounds along with their typical over the top humor. Pit People takes place on a planet split into hexagonal spaces created when a giant space bear who also serves as our narrator crashed into the planet’s surface. You play as Horatio, a lowly Blueberry farmer who is on a journey to escape the wrath of the malevolent narrator in question.pitpeople_screenshot_pipistrellascastle03

Now, remember, Pit People is still in early access, so I’ve played most of what’s there to consume. A few short story missions, some side quests, and access to the Pit where you earn gold against AI or by challenging other players online.

Players form a party in the hub city and venture out on numerous side quests and story missions. In the hub city, you can purchase cages to capture enemy units adding them to your pool of characters. This is done by eliminating all enemy units besides the one you wish to capture and using a character equipped with a net to catch the desired unit. You can also pay to recruit units in the market as well as buy supplies like healing camp fires and nitro boosts for the cart you use to travel the overworld.


Gluten the cupcake


Combat plays out in a hexagon panel based tactics. You’ll take your turn moving your units and watch combat play out based on where you ended. Unlike most tactics games you don’t choose who your units attack. Instead, they’ll attack a unit of their choosing within range once you end your movement phase. You’ll have to learn to ploy on enemy weakness, for example, armored enemies take more damage from blunt weapons and units with shields have a chance to block enemy projectiles, so you’ll want them out in front. So far the tactics seem pretty light, I’ve found myself brute forcing my way through for the most part, but changes could be made.

The world map is filled with enemies to encounter ranging from dude bro looking pixies to unicorns and healing cupcakes. The most interesting of which I found to be a savage group of firemen and the aptly named “CopCakes.” Character design is varied and unique, and I hope as more game is added that trend keeps up.pitpeople_screenshot_meethoratio

As I alluded earlier, the Pit also located in the hub world seems to be the real loop for this game. Sure the overworld is filled with enemies to fight and fetch quests to embark on but you have an item carry limit, and it’s very easy to get lost. In the Pit, you can face off against waves of AI solo or in co-op in tournaments. The longer you survive, the greater treasure you receive and you’ll place on leaderboards. You can also square off against other players.

As it stands now, Pit People is a pretty light experience, but it’s offered for only $15.oo in early access, a price that the studio says will increase later on and my love for The Behemoth and tactics games, in general, is keeping me interested.

I’m not ready to assign a score yet so with subsequent patches I’ll be updating this review. Thanks for reading.




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