$10,000 lot of lost SNES games have been recovered

Last week I wrote an article about Byuu, an amateur game archivist who was attempting to preserve every game on the SNES. His plan to do so involved borrowing games from a collector overseas dumping them and then returning them. Byuu declared his plan dead when a shipment containing nearly $10,000 worth of games was lost by USPS. It’s been nearly a month but thanks to the internet those games have been recovered safe and sound.sness

It seemed to Byuu that any hopes of the carts being recovered were gone, so much so that he had launched a go fund me page to reimburse the collector. He plans to refund the money to all donators. A higher up over at USPS contacted Byuu and was able to locate his package based on description. It would appear machinery ripped off the label.

So the preservation project is back on although Byuu won’t be relying on shipping carts anymore. Instead, he’s launched a Patreon in an attempt to purchase the 300 remaining SNES games he needs.


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