Review: Candleman

Game: Candleman

Developer: Spotlight Interactive

Publisher: E-Home Development Entertainment

Platform(s): Xbox One

Release Date: February 1st, 2017

Price: $14.99

It’s dark, you can hardly see the hand in front of your face as you move through the hull of an old ship you hear the sound of metal walkways clank beneath your feet. You have only a small bit of light to guide your way so use it sparingly. You’re playing Candleman, the puzzle platformer from Spotlight Interactive. Candleman will platform his way through environments with a pretty unique change, it’s dark as all hell, and you only have ten seconds of light per level, you’re literally burning yourself down. You’ll also have to light other candles along the way as you progress.candleman-candle-man-main-dropbox

Candleman is the titular character of this adventure, and the little guy looks like he’s straight out of a Pixar film. Candleman is on a journey to visit a lighthouse he saw from the ship where he begins his adventure. With any luck he’ll learn how to shine as bright as the lighthouse in question, then again, maybe not this story seems rather gloomy.


those forest levels pop with color


As Candleman you’ll platform your way across nine chapters each ranging from about three to five levels apiece, lighting candles along the way. You only have ten seconds of pure light to burn yourself, but you’ll want to save this when you can for lighting the candles strewn throughout the levels which serve as sort of collectibles and some merely as checkpoints. You won’t have to rely on Candleman’s wick as your only source of light, most levels have environmental effects to help as well, whether those be lightning strikes, glowing polyps, or luminescent platforms.

The level design is varied enough for the number of levels contained within the game. Candleman will travel through a ship, a forest, and of course the lighthouse. I found the forest section, in particular, the most interesting, luminescent plants made for beautiful environments and the way some spine covered plants reacted to light made for some unique platforming.


fire bad


Candleman is a beautiful looking Xbox One exclusive that is over before its mechanics have a chance to feel stale. The game will more than likely take between four and six hours to complete depending on your skill level. Candle man is a fun but not particularly challenging platformer. If a short experience is worth fifteen dollars to you, Candleman is available now for download on the Xbox One marketplace.

Score: 6 out of 10


2 thoughts on “Review: Candleman

  1. Nice review! It sounds like an interesting premise, and one that I might have enjoyed as a kid. I could imagine being stressed out about running out of light so quickly, but I’ll take your word that it’s not too challenging.


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