Forgotten Games

Forgotten Games: Ghost Rider

So you ever here about think about all those games that just never came to be? The Conker sequel that never was, all those first person Avenger games? Well in this new segment I’ll be taking a look at canceled games that never got a chance. So let’s get started.

For this first installment, I’ll be looking at Marvel’s Ghost Rider. As friends may know, Ghost Rider is my favorite Marvel superhero; he’s also been given notoriously shitty treatment in media over the years. Despite two extra horrible Nic Cage movies he’s still made some excellent comics over the years. He’ll also be a regular in the upcoming season of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. However we’re here to talk about his PlayStation title that would never grace our PlayStation disc drive.

Crystal Dynamics entered an agreement to make video games for licensed Marvel characters. With Neversoft on board to develop they were to begin work on Ghost Rider using their 2D side-scroller Skeleton Warrior as something of a template.The game was never finished, but a tech demo that was created for journalists attending E3 1996. The Playstation Museum has the demo and allowed Did You Know Gaming and Unseen64 to use it in a recent explainer video that I’ve linked below.

The game had some interesting ideas. It would feature 3D environments on a 2D plan. The player would be able to move the Ghost Rider on the 2D plan while moving the camera between the background and foreground in order to dodge enemy attacks, as well as access platforms that might only be visible from a certain depth. Ghost Rider fought mainly with his iconic chain which was used much like the whip from the Castlevania series. A lot of effort was put into making Ghost Rider’s flames look real and have a dynamic response based on the player’s action to bring more life to the character. Levels featuring his iconic Motorcycle were planned but none ever made it into development.

The main villain of the game would’ve been the Goddess Lilith. The story saw her entering Ghost Riders world from the parallel Shadow World and weakening the barriers separating them. It would be up to Ghost Rider to restore the barriers to full strength by defeating Lilith and her Demon army. The game was set to feature voice acting and CGI cutscenes although none of that made it into development.

I guess I’ll have to hold out for a great Ghost Rider game in the future. Until then I hope you guys enjoyed, and if you have any ideas for any forgotten games I should look into let me know in the comments.