Twas the night before Switchmas

As I am writing this, I just got back from an excursion to my local Gamestop to check out their midnight launch for the Nintendo Switch. I pre-ordered the Switch on Amazon, so I can look forward to it in the morning. I did, however, neglect to pre-order a pro controller and thought I’d take my chances with the crowd.

Much to my surprise not only was I able to get my hands on a controller but they had plenty of Switches available for walk-in customers. A friend who was with me for the same reason was even offered a Switch mistakenly as he was being rung up.


That’s about a fifth of the line outside my local Best Buy


Maybe my little local Gamestop was overstocked, or maybe we really won’t see another console shortage from Nintendo. It looked like another story when I drove by my local Best Buy to see the line, good luck to those folks.

At any rate, I can’t wait to share my thoughts on the Switch and good luck to those attempting to get their hands on one.



Target leaked the sequel to Shadow of Mordor

Although Warner Bros. has yet to announce a sequel to Shadow of Mordor we now know it exists thanks to Target. mbtqbe5xaudosr9v4ya2

The game is called Shadow of War, and as of right now you can still gawk at it on Target’s website despite no announcement being made.

For now, we can assume that’s what Warner Bros. big March 8th announcement is about and get excited to take another stab at the nemesis system, also thanks, Target.



$10,000 lot of lost SNES games have been recovered

Last week I wrote an article about Byuu, an amateur game archivist who was attempting to preserve every game on the SNES. His plan to do so involved borrowing games from a collector overseas dumping them and then returning them. Byuu declared his plan dead when a shipment containing nearly $10,000 worth of games was lost by USPS. It’s been nearly a month but thanks to the internet those games have been recovered safe and sound.sness

It seemed to Byuu that any hopes of the carts being recovered were gone, so much so that he had launched a go fund me page to reimburse the collector. He plans to refund the money to all donators. A higher up over at USPS contacted Byuu and was able to locate his package based on description. It would appear machinery ripped off the label.

So the preservation project is back on although Byuu won’t be relying on shipping carts anymore. Instead, he’s launched a Patreon in an attempt to purchase the 300 remaining SNES games he needs.


Nintendo Switch will have no Virtual Console at launch

While disappointed I can’t say I’m surprised, the Virtual Console will not be live when the Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd.

“Virtual Console games will not be available on Nintendo Switch at launch, we will share more information in the future.” Said Nintendo in a press release earlier

It really is a shame, I was hopeful that the vast number of classic titles available on the Wii U VC could help fill the light offerings of the Switch launch, but I suppose we’ll just have to hope Nintendo gets things together sooner rather than later.

Nintendo made a few smaller announcements in the same release. Shovel Knight and Fast RMX will launch on March 3rd with the Switch. They also noted that you’ll  be able to transfer funds from one Nintendo device to another once your Switch is linked up with your Nintendo account and all that. I’m sure that’ll be absurdly confusing.



Claim Your Nintendo Switch Account ID While You Can

The Nintendo account landing page has been updated so you can now pick your unique account ID ahead of the March 3rd launch of the Switch.

If you’ve got a Switch Preorder or plan on picking up the console down the line, it’s probably best to scoop up your preferred edgy ID now.  nintendo-switch

These ID’s are more in line with handles like your Xbox Gamertag or PSN ID so much easier than remembering those twenty digit Wii U and 3DS friend codes.


The SNES preservation project is dead thanks to the United States Postal Service

Amateur game archivist Byuu has recently taken on the endeavor of digitally preserving every SNES game. The project is dead after a shipment containing 100 carts valued at somewhere between $7500 and $10,000 were lost in transit.

The games belong to a European collector who had planned to lend his games to Byuu 100 at a time this being the second of five shipments. Byuu had planned to dump the carts for preservation and then return them to their owner.mwcartdifferent

Byuu spent some time on Reddit looking for help from anyone who worked for USPS in New Jersey’s processing center to no avail.

For now, the project is on hold while Byuu attempts to reimburse the collector now missing a sizable chunk of his games.


E3 will be open to the general public for the first time in 2017

The Entertainment Software Association, the people responsible for organizing E3 every announced today that for the first time ever 15,000 tickets will be made available to the general public. For those outside the industry that want to attend the biggest week in video games, tickets go on sale this Monday, February 13th.


I hope you enjoy E3 as much as Terry Crews


Tickets are priced at $250 or $150 for early birds on the 13th. Passes will grant you access the show floor as well as panel discussions. Fans have wanted access to E3 for years, and in 2016 they chose to test the waters and gauge interest by having “E3 live” a free event open to the general public and filled with Doritos and shame. This event was located outside of the Los Angeles Convention Center where E3 is held. This time, however, fans can finally make it inside for a price.