Twas the night before Switchmas

As I am writing this, I just got back from an excursion to my local Gamestop to check out their midnight launch for the Nintendo Switch. I pre-ordered the Switch on Amazon, so I can look forward to it in the morning. I did, however, neglect to pre-order a pro controller and thought I’d take my chances with the crowd.

Much to my surprise not only was I able to get my hands on a controller but they had plenty of Switches available for walk-in customers. A friend who was with me for the same reason was even offered a Switch mistakenly as he was being rung up.


That’s about a fifth of the line outside my local Best Buy


Maybe my little local Gamestop was overstocked, or maybe we really won’t see another console shortage from Nintendo. It looked like another story when I drove by my local Best Buy to see the line, good luck to those folks.

At any rate, I can’t wait to share my thoughts on the Switch and good luck to those attempting to get their hands on one.



Nintendo Switch will have no Virtual Console at launch

While disappointed I can’t say I’m surprised, the Virtual Console will not be live when the Nintendo Switch launches on March 3rd.

“Virtual Console games will not be available on Nintendo Switch at launch, we will share more information in the future.” Said Nintendo in a press release earlier

It really is a shame, I was hopeful that the vast number of classic titles available on the Wii U VC could help fill the light offerings of the Switch launch, but I suppose we’ll just have to hope Nintendo gets things together sooner rather than later.

Nintendo made a few smaller announcements in the same release. Shovel Knight and Fast RMX will launch on March 3rd with the Switch. They also noted that you’ll  be able to transfer funds from one Nintendo device to another once your Switch is linked up with your Nintendo account and all that. I’m sure that’ll be absurdly confusing.



Rumour: Mother 3 Will be Announced For The Switch Virtual Console At January 12th Event

The Nintendo Switch sure is good at stirring up rumors. This one, however, isn’t all that new. Some might remember that last February rumors hit that Mother 3, the only entry in the mother franchise to not get an English release in some form or another would be hitting the Wii U Virtual console. Well, 2016 is over now, and Nintendo hasn’t said a damn thing. New rumors have surfaced that the title will actually debut in the US on the Switch and we’ll hear all about it at the big event on the 12th.mother3-0-0

This leak comes from Laura Kate Dale who Tweeted earlier today that Mother 3 will be due out sometime in Q2 of 2017 and that we’ll get the announcement on the 12th. While you should take this with a grain of salt, it does make sense, though. Maybe Nintendo planned to release it for the Wii U but after its less than stellar performance opted to hold out for the Switch.


Gamecube Titles Might Be Making Their Way To The Nintendo Switch

More rumors surrounding the Nintendo Switch surfaced today from Eurogamer, cited from an anonymous source. Eurogamer claims that Nintendo Gamecube games will be m making their way to the Nintendo Switch’s virtual console.

The virtual console on the Wii U already includes N64 games and original DS games, so Gamecube seems like the next logical step. They made mention that Luigi’s Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, Smash Bros Melee, and Animal Crossing would be among the games available via the virtual console.

At this time other outlets have been unable to corroborate the story, but the folks over at Eurogamer were right about all of the big Switch details before so their sources seem reliable. I guess we’ll see when the Switch launches next year.